Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekend Indulgence

Like many people it appears to be a common occurrence to splash out on booze during the weekend, but it's been brought to my attention that as I get older, food is eating up most of the cash in my wallet or rather, I'm eating the food that's eating my cash.

On Friday evening we foraged in the supermarket for something easy and quick, then suddenly we struck gold, well it looked like gold as the glowing rotisserie chickens huddled together clucking "eat me!". We nearly had one whole bird each, which I quite like the idea of, mainly for the comedy value, but we settled for 2 between 3 people, which was obviously more than enough. So we gobbled down some dirty, cheap, intensively farmed chicken (which we all do from time to time) and in-between mouthfuls of accompanying salad & bread, we discussed the ethics of poor meat in a hypercritical middle class fasion (I think I may be one of those people I hate). Although what we did was bad, we knew it was bad, so does that make it worse or does the awareness redeem us from eating the un-ethical meat? All I know is, we enjoyed every mouthful of our perfectly cooked, tender, moist birds. So the moral of the story is - if you do something bad, make sure you enjoy it with bread and salad.

For breakfast we had a Full English or Flinglish. I keep returning to The Tangerine Tree, which consistently delivers the best breakfast around. Everything is cooked perfectly and is the opposite the disappointing breakfast I had last weekend at Darts Farm, which was such a letdown, honestly don't bother trying it.

I skipped lunch and had afternoon tea at the famous Greys Dining Room in Totnes, which is so so so good. Their company description is - we are one of the top tearooms in the country. need i say more? 

Need I say more? They don't need a website or social network pages, mainly because it's alway full of customers and that's because it's so so so good.

For some more cardiac abuse on the old ticker I had fish 'n' chips on the Saturday evening at Jolly Rogers, in Buckfastleigh. I was actually attending the annual Lamb Pie Day, where I've never even caught a wiff of lamb pie, never mind eat one of the things. Such a con. Anyway, the fish was very good, and whist I was in the poor ethics mindset I had Cod (which I assume was non-sustainable), but this was not out of choice, I wanted the Hake, but they had sold out. I then went for Haddock, but they had sold out. So poor old Cod was the only one left. Maybe the nation has twigged onto the fact we need to change the trend of fish and Hugh's Fish Fight is fighting a winning battle on both the European Parliament and the British public (do sign up if you haven't already).

So another weekend has passed without me doing any form of cooking. The more I love food, the less cooking I do. I honestly think it has been a month since I did any cooking at the weekend, and I've booked a table at Riverford Field Kitchen for next week, so looks like I'll be doing the same again. Eating myself into an early grave (In a non-cannibalistic manner). Self Cannibalism, does that exist? Yes it does -

Eat me out!

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