Friday, 7 October 2011


Recently I've been getting obsessed with idea of physical objects out-living me. Not sure if this is about realising my own mortality or substituting objects for having stupid cunt kids. Probably a bit of both. I like the idea of passing things onto another generation, creating a bit of history and replenishing the antique trade with new stock. We tend to break at least 1 glass every few weeks in my house, but never the invincible Duralex.

Just read this article about the company and you'll be convinced this glass is the way forward or backwards and you'll probably want to fuck it sideways - Have a sexy read!

If you can't be bothered here is a quote from the designer of the Duralex Picardie glass (pictured) -

"The upper part of the side is smooth surfaced and curves gently outwards at the part that goes into your mouth, as if to encourage the liquid on its way. The rounded edge of the lip of the glass is especially comfortable against your lips because, for durability, the glass is comparatively thick. But the glass has just the right weight, and the feel of the ridges between the flutings makes it seem thinner and more delicate than it actually is..."  - Patrick Taylor 

What makes these glasses so bloody good is their versatility. They are tough enough to handle boiling water, so great for all kinds of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. They work as a beaker for water with your meal, a tumbler for a fine single malt whisky, a shot of vodka, swigging icy cold beer on a hot day or sipping a hearty Côtes du Rhône by the fire on a cold winters evening. Due to their longevity these glasses are sustainable, so they save the planet without costing the Earth. At around 70p each the kids can play catch with them for all I care, not that I have any stupid fucking cunt kids, but if I did, I wouldn't mind and maybe that's the point. Get it? 

I don't.

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