Saturday, 31 March 2012

Staverton Bridge Nursery

Today we decided to take the lovely walk from Dartington to the Staverton Nursery.

This hangout is a little bit fluffy and cutesy with it's vintage crockery and silver cutlery, but the cakes are far from the pink cup cakes that I expected. The cakes were serious, full of flavour, moist and big. My Chocolate & Almond cake was perfectly bitter, as chocolate cake should be. The coffee was less than average, but I think this is pretty much my opinion on all coffee that's not Monmouth, Climpson or Allpress. So to normal people the coffee will be fine, but for pretentious pricks like me, beware. If you like good tea, they use a loose leaf from the Canton Tea Company, which is rather good.

I'm glad to see that stupid Cath Kidston-Esque cakes, which lack substance and character, are really on the way out. So cunts like the Humming Bird Bakery can simply shove their pretty little cup cakes up their pretty pink bleached anuses. Because that's all they're good for.

The same goes for Rachel Khoo, with her stupid fucking little restaurant. I wish programmes like this would stop projecting such a fake reality.

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