Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bloody Brilliant

Last Sunday I bought some smooth black pudding at Totnes Good Food market.

Company: Native Breeds curers and charcutiers
Lydney Park Estate

Provenance: Rare breed free-range pork, Ragmans Lane organic apple juice, Sainthill Farm organic Jersey milk

Ingredients: Pork Blood, Pork Fat, Oats, Milk, Onions, Apple Juice, Water, Spices, Preservatives (s.ascorbate, s.metabisulphate)

Price: £1.66 (£12 per kg)

With it sitting in my fridge all week, the black beauty has been on my mind like a congealed blood clot in my brain. This morning I released the bleeding beast from its vacuum pack and gave it a new lease  of life in the frying pan. The cooking instructions on the packet suggested I poach it gently in the sealed packaging, but I wanted the texture of crispy charred edges from  it hanging out in a sizzling hot frying pan, so I invented my own rules.

To accompany the Boudin noir I fried a scoffy egg and slowly cooked some plum tomatoes with some tabasco & worcestershire sauce thrown in (bloody mary style to go with the bloody sausage). The bludding (made up word) itself was so big on flavour and richness, almost gamey with a serious sweetness going on (likely coming from the apple juice). Probably not the best thing to eat for breakfast as it's so epic in every way, but certainly the best black pudding I've ever had. Now I'm counting down the days til I can get my blood soaked hands on more of this elusive black barbarian. Next time I'll cook it as an evening meal, maybe with Puy lentils and a little orange zest (from a blood orange of course).

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