Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jerky Off

This morning, I took a trip into my old home town of Totnes, as I'd heard there was a food market on. Actually it's called Totnes Good Food Sunday, which is a monthly market selling fine foods and it certainly isn't one of those god awful continental markets where you buy over priced stale bread, this market in like a mini Borough only without the cunts. Ok there are still cunts, just a different breed. While on the subject of breed, i bought some smooth black pudding (£1.60), which is made from rare breed pork and needs to be gently poached when cooking, should be interesting. Check out this market if you are in Totters on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Don't get me wrong, there is still the usual shit that you find at farmers markets, but this one is different, because I say so.

I can highly recommend the chorizo sausage wrap for £3, which is made with a barbecued sausage and tons of salad. This stall is always in Totnes and I've had it before, so I looked for something new. The market was small enough for me to do a loop and see everything before making my paramount selection of scoff. The Cockleshell Deli caught my eye, so I bought a brace of filo pastry pies(£2.50 each). One pork & one goats cheese, both had great flavor and were filled to the brim.

I also picked up a cheeky scotch egg from the Red Earth Kitchen (£1.75), which I'm going to eat later tonight when watching Wonders of the Universe, so I can't comment yet. Although I bet there is a planet that looks like a giant scotch egg and has a magma core made of egg yolk.

The star of the show was some spiced Beef Biltong from Howton Farm (Pictured above), it's basically a type of cured/dried meat similar to jerky. Afterwards I walked down Totnes high street in search of a pub where the biltong accompanied my pint of Admiral's Ale (Officially the best beer in the world) in the Royal Seven Stars. I sat by the roaring fire reading the Sunday papers, chomping & swigging away. Great stuff.


  1. Try Whaler at the Albert next time.

  2. Went on Friday evening and it's rather good. Thanks. Pies are not so good.