Friday, 18 May 2012

I Have An Itch,....

... so I've gotta do some more scratchings. After my last post about snacks I have discovered something English which is actually heading in the right direction. 

It's Friday and after a bloody hard week doing a trade show in London, I was pleased to receive a phone call from the lady saying she's cooking up a Bolo (Spag Bol (Spaghetti Bolognese)). I needed a wine from Piers to wash down the delights of our faux Italian meal. He recommended this - 

Bellamarsilia 2010

And like every time before, Piers' selection was perfect, a Bellamarsilia – Morellino di Scansano DOCG, this cherry red is made for rich gamey flavours and no reason why it wouldn't work with any beefy bolo.

But as I was leaving Whistle Wines, I noticed he had a porky snack. As I looked down my piggy nose at these bags in a basket I questioned my previous comments about the evil scratching which dominate the cardboard hanging behind many bars in this country.

It's time for Mr Porky to shit off and lets see some more of Lord Hamilton's Hogskin.

I'm not saying these snacks are great, although they are pretty good, but  hopefully we're going to vote with our trotters and make a stance towards ousting pig shit piss from our pubs. Lord Hamilton's looks like a new company, and let's hope they get some serious product development and we'll be scoffing these piggy treats in many a pub. I'd like to see a smoked paprika or maybe a freeze dried apple dust amongst the bubbly pig skin. Piggy Scoff.

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