Sunday, 5 August 2012

Baxter's Moveable Feast

Yesterday the Lady and I went to Jane Baxter's Moveable Feast. Jane Baxter left Riverford earlier this year and is now writing a book for the fast food restaurant Leon. So for the summer she has been doing these pop up restaurants in amazing locations.

The menu was similar to Riverford, although slightly higher-end ingredients and served in a slightly more homely fashion. Everything was just perfect and faultless on the flavour front and such a contrast to the lousy meal we had at The Jack in the Green earlier this week (5th best Gastro Pub in the UK and 60th best Restaurant, absolute joke, style over substance which seems to be a common occurrence nowadays).

Again this reinforces my argument about stupid fucking presentation. A friend brought this article to my attention recently, I know old Jay Rayner is a bit of a bell-end, but he has a good point. And I'm not gonna get started on Latte Art. I know it shows the milk has the right texture and a heart or rosetta/fern is cool, but the moment some cunt draws a teddybear in my coffee, my dick will kick their anus in the face.

Back to Baxter and her lovely feast, my foul language can now fuck off. The meal was set at Combe Farm Studios near Dittisham and we were supposed to eat outside, but the rain came down like piss from a giant pissy cock, so we ate in a barn conversion, which was fabulous and basically someone's dining room. 

Oh, the puddings, oh the puddings, let me talk about the puddings. Basically I'm not much of a pudding person and would much rather shove something savoury in my gob over anything sweet. Did I mention the puddings? No. Well we had a choice of three, but we didn't have to choose cos there was enough to eat all three. But actually there was more like five different puddings. Here are three puddings pictured below. Look at the puddings.

Plum, Blueberry & Blackberry crumble, 
Baked Custard
Poached nectarines 

Did you see the puddings? So after three and a half hours of middle class mayhem we left in a comatose state with sedate smiles and bellies bulging. An unforgettable experience. Thanks again Jane.


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  2. Great.

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    Fuck yeah. Go Totnes.