Saturday, 29 January 2011

Fully Booked

On Thursday night I went to A&E because my girlfriend had a sprained ankle. Six laborious stages on and three hours later we left with the ankle fully strapped up. Luckily the ankle was OK and it's now on the mend and luckily I went prepared for the ordeal as I know these hospital visits can take a lifetime. During the wait I managed to read two cook books front to back.

This was the first book. It's a recipe book from the Anglo-French Rose Bakery, based in Paris, although I understand there is one based on the top floor of Dover Street Market in London. For work I have to read lots of recipe books for inspiration, but I found not only the recipes inspiring, but everything else. Phaidon (the publisher) has a reputation for good graphic design as the genius Alan Fletcher previously worked for them. So the flawless layout and stunning photography make this book an absolute joy to read. 

The second book was a recent birthday present called the Hungover Cookbook. The book is based on the six types of hangover originally described by PG Wodehouse in the Jeeves and Wooster books and the recipes correspond to beating that type of hangover. The descriptions are very entertaining and well written. Jolly good fun Bertie! What-Ho!

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