Monday, 24 January 2011

Don't Look At This!

The communal consensus in my flat was that we needed more shelf space in the kitchen as all the cupboards were bulging with tinned food (CHD)* and pasta, and we appear to have accumulated  far too many cups and stuff. So the hunt was on to resolve this problem. Ikea style pine shelving was the obvious solution as all other shelving is nauseating MDF with wood effect and anything made from solid wood cost around £250, fuck that.

My boss had ordered 39 1950's French apple crates off ebay and no longer required them, so I made really good use out of 9. And we all went to bed with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

The End.

or should I say - fin

* Council House Dinners


  1. If you want to do this I recommend putting heavy things in the bottom section as the crates are just stacked with no joinery. You will see I put all my cookery books and wine.

  2. you can also use wine crates, they give it for free in most wine shops. lovely real pine crates, mostly of bordeaux because it is the one of the only remaining areas that still use wooden crates for shipping.