Thursday, 7 April 2011


Fresh herbs are great, so I bought a load of shit, shoved it in some compost, and I now going to see what happens. My balcony is full of odd tubs, used tin cans and a big wooden box, I bet the neighbors love it as it looks like a rubbish tip, but they can all fuck off.

I don't have time to fanny around with pathetic needy plants which have to be taken indoors at night because it's too cold or they need a little bit of water because they are thirsty 2 times a day. I want my herbs to be like my women; always giving me a big bushy garden, especially when I neglect them. My parsley survived the winter somehow, it's my little crackhead herb who would probably suck cock for a bit of fertiliser.

Mint is a winner, it's basically a weed, but one man's weed is another man's flower or herb in this case. Minty potatoes are great with lots of butter or chopped mint in yogurt with a clove of mashed garlic, that one's a great dressing for cold meats. Cous cous. Pea salad. OK, I'll stop there. Minty magic.

Basil can be a pain in the ass (one of those needy herbs I mentioned), but so good, best indoors with lots of light, once it gets going there's no stopping it, like a big green locomotive ploughing it's way onto any summer plate.

For a continuous bit of salad garnish I find rocket wins. I tried Mizuna last year and it was a waste of time, but maybe I should give it another go.

I planted everything in a slapdash bish bosh manner, shooting from the hip like a cowboy gardener,  but lets hope I get something scoffable from my horticultural lasso.


  1. YEs I totally agree, and also find some of this writing particularly funnier than most. So thats good

  2. You have to go down on Basil every day for at least 20 minutes