Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Viva La Sandwich

I'd pretty much given up on the sandwich. If the bread is shit, what's the point? Just eat the contents without the doughy fire blanket extinguishing the flavour.

I've just got back from a cycling trip around the the South West coast of Wales (West Celtic Trail), highly recommended if the sun is shinning. After having a some of the worst service I've ever experienced in the over rated and over priced Swan Inn (we actually struggled to get the bill and pay, it was that bad, and this pub is supposedly the AA pub of the year), luckily the next day we stumbled across a gem of a place in Pembroke called the Courtyard Deli Cafe. Here we had some smashing luncheon with a pretty good Botty Blanc. My hot chorizo & roasted red pepper baguette was a clear winner and the sandwich status began to elevate it's sorry head in my opinion. We sat for a couple of hours in this little sun trap cooling our genitals before rubbing them on a bike seat for another few hours.

The other little gem in Pembroke was a shop called WISEBUYS (shit name, M&S call their basics range Wise Buys). We bought some wise purchases from this little shop and cooked up a feast that evening in the most amazing location for any youth hostel I've ever stayed in .

The next day we made some sandwiches using up the leftover ingredients from the night before. We dressed some cooked sausages in chili, lemon juice & zest and some really high quality E.V. olive oil, with a couple of vine tomatoes stuffed in for sweetness. Even after being squashed in my pannier bag and becoming lukewarm from the baking sun, they still tasted amazing with a garnish of a few wild garlic flowers and washed down with a watery Danish beer.

Because sandwiches do have a tendency to mask flavour, this is due to the bread enclosing the ingredients, so the initial taste hit in the mouth is usually a little watered down (like my Danish beer), I find it's best to smash in some really big flavours or simply eat an open sandwich so the flavours don't get lost.

Luncheon was over, so onwards we went to Carmarthen with some more scrotal and vaginal abrasion.

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