Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pizza Expression

It's been a few years since visiting this establishment, but on a sunny evening like tonight I thought it'd be a good idea to treat my girlfriend to some dining out, especially  after her horrendous university deadline, which she finished last night. So a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc & a bottle of San Pellegrino and away we go. I'm a massive tight ass, so we had a go on some Orange 2-4-1 pizzas, which included free garlic bread and dough balls as a starter. I'm sure they would have been delightful, unfortunately they never reached our table for some reason or another. Because I'd taken advantage of their cheapskate offer I didn't want to complain. Anyway, who wants bread and bread followed by more bread for main course? So we soon forgot about that.

OK, so the anti-climax of a pizza arrived, I had a Giardiniera (which I suppose means Garden and therefore vegetablesbut traditionally means picked veg). Not only does the pizza look a bit rubbish is actually achieved rubbish status on the taste-bud's tasteometer. So I called the oral dustbin men to chuck it straight down the gullet of waste disposal with another swig of bin juice wine.

It's odd how I remember this place to be alright, but I suppose Mac Donald's was alright when I was 15. Anyhow, it does appear that the other mediocre pizza places do offer a superior product, such as an ASK calzone or the pizzas from Prezzo or Zizzi, still avoid Bella Italia total dogshitpiss.

Pizza Express did redeem itself when I convinced the waiter to make me an Affogato (Vanilla Ice-cream with espresso poured over it). Heavy Robusta Italian coffee balanced out with creamy, sweet, cold ice-cream actually works rather well.

So £40 for 2 people isn't bad for a 3 course dinner (- the missing starter) and a good bottle of average NZ wine. But next time I will go to ASK, as it really is better for the bins and feels like less money down the drain.

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