Saturday, 18 June 2011

Picklish Lamb Curry

I've been bored of those creamy British curries for a few years now, they are for the immature palate, along with those overly sweet chinese foods. Basically baby food. It's also pointless having the hottest curry on the menu, a macho act which normally backfires, in the mouth and the asshole.

Probably like most white brits, I started on those Tikka Masalas & Kormas and I said "oh this is nice", I even ordered chips instead of rice, oh the shame.

So like I said, bored of those creamy inoffensive fake curries, I began to order the unknown things on the menu, the Pathia, Makhani and sometimes a Tandoori Salmon. Fanny. None really felt authentic or hit the G-spot. But on this Indian culinary expedition (I'm referring to pointing at vulgar graphics on a greasy menu, rather than exploring the actual country) I have discovered a real gem, something so beautiful in flavor, full of spice but without the heat, something that does feel like an authentic recipe. Im referring to the Achar Gosht; is a meat based dish with onions and tomatoes and all the usual spices chucked in, but the recipe requires the meat to be cooked in the sauce until it goes dry. This style of cooking creates a type of relish where the dark brown sauce becomes a jammy sweet chutney, retaining a deep spice flavor.

This dish is normally served with a flatbread (Roti, Chapati or Poratha), but it also goes particularly well with a Tarka Dall (lentils with garlic & butter), although the texture of both are a little on the stodgy side. I chose to go for a Lamb Achar Gosht at my local indian restaurant, Ganges on Exeter Fore Street,  lamb is so good when cooked slowly. So I sat on my own watching 4 episodes of the trashy HBO series Game of Thrones and sunk 3 large bottles of Peroni Nastro Azzuro Italian larger (sorry it wasn't Indian, I just prefer Peroni).  It felt like a taste of bachelor bliss, all that was missing was a copy of Nuts magazine.

The other amazing dish I've eaten at Ganges is Malabar Lamb Shank, unfortunately it's not available for takeaway in shank form.

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