Monday, 6 June 2011

The Pork Returns

Tom was staying in Devon for a few days so we wanted to have a spot of dinner whist he was down. Tim's butchered pig was still lurking in the freezer at work, so what better opportunity to get rid of the swine. The only problem was deciding a location to host the dinner. To slow roast the shoulder & leg it needed to go in the oven around 3 o’clock, the problem with this is that I’d still be at work, the solution was to cook it at work, but why just cook it when we could eat it at the bakery? Great idea, no seats but lots of work space to put the food on. So we had an indoor picnic dinner, with the added bonus of popping across the road to the pub to have a few beers while the crackling got crispy.

To go with the pork I made a sauce with sweaty onions, apple and lemon juice & a little of the zest.  With some pizza dough I made focaccia bread by spreading and pressing the wet dough with my bare sexy hands and covering the soft sloppy slab with a load of E.V. Olive oil, which I had blended with a whole bulb of garlic in a food processor. Before leaving it to prove (rise) for 20 minutes of so, I gave it sprinkling of salt and a load of rosemary. Then the bread went in the oven for 20 minutes and just enough time for another pint in the pub before we all return to a perfectly cooked meal.

Duncan brought, from his recent trip to Scotland, some ale from a brewery called Black Isle, really good stuff, especially the Organic Blonde, went really well with the apple-sauce.

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