Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Not the funny brown biscuits that don't taste anything like chocolate but seem like they should, I'm talking about something far sweeter with delightful hints of caramel, although they're both named after some French royal family, yawn... 

I'll try again, Bourbon is a type of whisky, but I like to say it's not a 'real whisky'. It's made from corn rather that malts or grain, like the real whiskies we know and love, yawny cocking yawn...

I'm really boring myself into alcoholism here, so I'm off to the kitchen to grab a glass and taste the shit. This is the particular Bourbon I bought - Elijah Craig.

I picked this up from Piers in his wine shop and trusted his recommendation. Piers is a good man and really knows his wines, especially oldie world ones, so the anticipation was high with this caramel coloured beauty. The first thing I noticed was the colour of the liquid, a lot darker than Scotch. Also the viscosity of the liquid, as I tilted the glass an indication of old age and high alcohol content was apparent as the tears or legs were large, wide apart and trickled down slowly. Thirdly the smell or nose was not too good, it just really burnt my nasal cavities. Next came the taste, fiery for a 12 year old whisky, although this is a Bourbon, but the finish was surprisingly good and complex. Again I'm comparing Kentucky Bourbon to Scottish Whisky, It's hard not too, but there are definitely hints of vanilla, lots of spice, orange zest and obviously the trademark Bourbon caramel. Pretty good, but not a 'real whiskey'.

The true test will come when I'm knocking back shots of the stuff or drinking it with Coke and getting fucked up with the lads. I'm just kidding, the true test is whether it mixes with Red Bull, bring on the Bourbon-Bombs (Possibly a new type of J├Ągerbomb first coined here on Scoffy Egg).

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