Thursday, 26 May 2011


Some friends gave me a joint of free-range pork, the pig was fed on apples, lovely idea. Maybe lambs could be fed on a diet of mint leaves, bulls on horseradish or chickens on bread sauce.

It was already cooked, so I shoved it in a pan on the hob with some rosemary, a few slices of apples and a splash of wine (hear the tasty sizzle in the video below, what an appetising noise). I got it properly hot in the oven and finished off the crackling with some grill action, amazing. Always the best bit the crackling, that's if you get it right.

I served it with some roasted veg (Cherry vine toms, courgette, mushrooms and green pepper) and a bit of cous cous to soak up the juices. When I tried to carve the pork I couldn't, it simlply fell apart on the chopping board. So tender, so juicy and so so good. Oh, and a big squeeze of lemon juice helped cut through the fat, a glass of white wine from Whistle Wines also helped with an appley lemony fruit acidity.

I'm still full and lounging on the sofa, watching Two Greedy Itailians. The washing up can fuck off.

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