Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shit Pie, Good Shopping

I recently discovered we can get a Waitrose home delivery for our weekly shop. I won't bullshit, it was about 20% more expensive than Sainsburys, but probably worth it with the little perks, for example; free delivery and they didn't charge for the asparagus because it had a short use by date, oh and a middle-class delivery driver who actually gave a shit about his job because he works for a good company (the whole John Lewis partnership thing is genius).

With the asparagus I made some creamy, garlicy, buttery mash and red onion gravy using Marco's Knorr beef stock pot and it was actually pretty good. On the side was a Linda McCartney Country Pie, which really strives towards tasting like a meat pie, but falls at every taste-bud hurdle. My girlfriend described it as "a shit meat pie, but without the meat. Shame, as good vegetarian pies do exist, the other day I had one of Tom's Butternut Squash Pies and it was so good. I'm sure The Pie Minister do a good veggie option as well.

I will certainly use Waitrose home delivery again, as all there own brand products are great, even the crisps taste better, it's not M&S quality, but still good. Home delivery saves me about two hours a week and because I don't own a car, it really is a winner. Definitely the way forward and gives me the pleasure of quality food shopping at independent retailers at the weekend for those special treats.

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  1. that pie really looks like shit. the anchor and hope in london do a sort of potato and cheese pie thing . and I always steal it off the vegetarians. they are too weak to grab it back. then they cry. but then i cry.