Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rendezvous with Rendezvous

Well it was our 11 year anniversary, so we went for a meal at Rendezvous in Exeter. The restaurant or wine bar is based in Southernhay and has a kicking beer garden or wine garden. 

It was a Monday night and anyone who has read Tony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential knows not to eat out on a Monday and certainly don't eat fish on a Monday. We did both.
To start I had the Chicken Confit & Ham Hock Terrine and the Lady had pan fried Mackerel fillets in Harissa. Both were excellent, especially the Harissa as it wasn't too spicy and had an almost delicate flavour (according to Isaac the head chef, it was made with rose water and petals).

For main I had a rack of Lamb which was perfect. The lady had a Rump Streak which was very moist, although it did need a steak knife.

I was far too drunk to need a desert so I watched the Lady eat a White Chocolate Orange Crème brûlée and it looked great, incidentally, so did she.

Although the food was excellent, what really made it stand out was the quality of the wine. The sommelier really knows her shit and isn't one of those cunts who likes to embarrass simple, unsophisticated folk like myself, for example, when she poured the first wine - Honore de Berticot Sauvignon Blanc Cotes de Duras 2010 - I told her "I didn't need to test it, as screw cap wines can't be corked". She very politely told me I was wrong, and explained why. Also this Sauvignon was seriously good and although it was the cheapest wine on the menu at £14, she recommended it to us and said it was better than the expensive NZ Sauvignon, which I would normally have chosen.

The second bottle of wine was an Argentine Malbec, they're always pretty good, but this was the best I'd tasted. So after two bottles of wine we were a little tipsy and started to see weird faces in the pile of logs by our table. The faces reminded me of characters from a Studio Ghibli film. All a result of the wine goggles I think.

This restaurant can be a little on the expensive side with our meal costing around £100, but it does do a cheap set menu at £13.90 for two courses, so for a little over £40 you could have a meal for 2 with a bottle of bloody good wine. Jesus, I've spent more for a meal Pizza Express and that place if fucking dog shit piss. 

Jesus wasn't there, but I've heard he's got a great party trick. I think he can drink water, then piss wine. I love you Jesus.

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