Wednesday, 31 August 2011


These beauties are a feast for the eyes, and binocular food it ain't. You'll be twitching to have a meal like this once you read my post.

Smörgåsbord is always open to interpretation, but I like to keep it a little Swedish or at least leaning towards the Scandinavian. This one in particular had some Waitrose Gravlax with a mustard & dill dressing, beet root & goats cheese salad and some minty buttery potatoes.

The advantage of a meal like this is that it give's you an opportunity to rummage through the cupboards and pull everything from a jar of pickled onions to an obscure homemade relish you were given at Christmas. Just dig out some bread & cheese and that does the trick.

Most of the time this food is designed for the indecisive pecking Pigeon or the greedy Gannet. But regardless of what you gather, people will flock around the table in a feeding frenzy. Wine will be guzzled and will lubricate conversation until it becomes a gushing stream of bird song. The chorus will diminish at a similar rate to the scoff as all slip into a food-coma and an inebriated state, until they are ready to fly away and roost for the night.

I was literally LOL-ing myself to death with bird theme. I had to dry my eyes with a Teat-owl. Can someone please tell me to shut my beak.

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