Sunday, 10 October 2010

Expensive Vs Cheap

I'm a logical person and I figure, why spend £40 on a bottle of wine when you can get a case (12 bottles) of good wine for that amount of money. Well my girlfriend's dad dusted off this baby (pictured) at lunch today and it was an exceptional drink. Maybe it's worth splashing out every now and then on a good bottle so you can appreciate the difference between good and very good or cheap and expensive wine. I remember reading an article about the cost of a bottle of wine and on a £5 bottle after tax, the price of the glass, the shipping cost etc, that the actual liquid inside is worth about 70p but if you spend £7 then the wine inside the bottle is worth about £2, so you may be getting a much better product for your money or being ripped off even more. Who knows.

The French have been selling shit wine to the English for decades and I think they are still doing this, so I prefer a £7 New Zealand sauvignon over a £20 sancerre as I personally think the wine tastes better, with an added bonus of costing a 3rd of the price. So the most important thing is to drink what you think tastes good. I'm really into a Colombard/Chenin Blanc at the moment which cost £3.99 at the Co-op and it's perfectly good, but it's just a stroke of luck that the wine and my taste buds have become great mates, as it's unlucky that my preferred whisky cost £50 a bottle. There is no such thing as bad taste when it comes to booze, with WKD Blue being the only exception, my thoughts are drink what you like and lots of it.

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