Sunday, 3 October 2010

My first scoffy egg, so far.

I made a good Italian inspired breakfast, possibly inspired by having a really mediocre lunch at Carluccio's last Thursday and thinking I can do better.

Using some left over pizza dough I made a ciabatta with a few bits of Mediterranean veg stuffed in the middle. I covered the dough in a good extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and baked for about 30-40 minutes. So, so good.

For my scoffy egg which took about 5 minutes to make, I toasted the bread on a griddle pan with some olive oil, poached a couple of eggs and sprinkled some slices of basil to put on the top. Eggs and basil go really well together and were the star of the dish. So next time I'll just have the eggs on toast with some basil.

In the past I've been told not to chop basil and it's better to tear it, but I think it works well finely chopped and I used old Gordon's technique. Take a look.

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